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Pet Spokesperson Wanted

Petmallco is looking for our Pet Spokesperson! Check the rules below!

What Winner Will Get:

1-the winner will be the spokesperson of our official website --

2-a lucky bag filled with 10 pcs of products, valued over $150!

How To Join:

1-send us a photo of you and your cat/dog

2-tell us about your story, e.g. how you met, your daily life, a happy moment(50 words at least)

3-share our activity post to your timeline, set it as "public"

How This Activity Run:

1-we will post every candidate's photo and story on our Facebook page

2-you can invite friends to like, comment, and share the post

3-the one who gets the most likes(at least 100 likes) will be the winner. p.s. 1 comment=2 likes, 1 share=4 likes

What Will Spokesperson Do:

1-write a post on your Facebook timeline to introduce our website(content offered by us)

2-after receiving the product lucky bag, write a post of product review with product using photos(50 words at least) on your Facebook timeline

3-register to be a member of our Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission from this

When To Start & End:

1-photo accepted from 0 a.m. June.24th, 2020 to 12 p.m. July.3rd, 2020

2-"like, comment, and share" starts at 0 a.m. July.4th, 2020; ends at 12 p.m. July.8th, 2020

3-winner announcement at 8 p.m. July.9th, 2020


1- do Not cheat on likes/comments/sharings, or you will be disqualified

2- has all rights to explain this activity