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2021 Pet Model Search

In order to expand the popularity of Petmallco and promote our products, we are looking for various cats/dogs of all shapes & sizes to become the spokespersons of our website/products.

1. Cat/dog of all sizes and breeds
2. Willing to be our products model, willing to post photos of your pets on our website and community platforms.
3. Have your own FB or IG account, and frequently share photos/stories of your pets.

What We Expect From Models
※After receiving the exclusive model's gifts, at least one post on your page a week with your pet wearing our products.
※Allow us to use your pet photos/videos as website product images or promotional use.

How To Enter
1. Like FB page;  Follow us
2. Like the post and repost on your own page.
3. Send us the photos and detailed information in the following 3 ways  ( just pick one way ).

petmallco facebook

 petmallco Instagram       

petmallco email 

What You Will Get As Our Pet Mode

1. $100 bonus (the bonus will be credited directly to the winner’s PayPal account)
2. Coupons with a total value of $50 can be used at Petmallco(cannot be used for shipping charges)
     $20 off code* 1: order over $50
     $10 off code* 2: order over $20
     $5 off code* 2: order over $5
3. Customized products exclusively for spokespersons (pets), including custom t-shirts, custom dog socks and Personalized bath towel (size:75*35cm) to promote our products and brands.
4.  Exclusive discount code to share with your friends & followers.
*** All participants will receive a coupon worth $10 on the website

Activity Process
1. After the registration deadline (From April 26th To May 10th), we will publish the information and pictures of all participants uniformly on (May 11th).
2. Invite your friends to like you. (From May 11th to May 17th)
3. We will determine the winner based on the total ‘likes’ of FB and IG. (The final winner needs more than 100 likes at least
4. We will announce the winners on our website, FB and IG after the voting deadline, please pay attention.
5. Contact winners to issue prizes