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Keeping a dog will give you more rewards than you pay. Here are some things that will benefit you after owning a dog.

1. Protect the House

The dog's alertness and loyalty will do a better job. Keeping a dog can protect the home and yourself. Especially girls who live alone and have a dog will definitely feel full of security



2. Reduce Allergies

Daily contact with dogs can improve human immunity and reduce the chance of allergies and respiratory infections!


3. Lowering Blood Pressure

Research shows that people often feel comfortable when they accompany and touch the dog. This can help lower blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you may wish to have a dog to accompany you!


4. Increase Your Happiness

When getting along with dogs, the level of oxytocin in people's bodies will be significantly increased, people will have a feeling of being cured, increase your happiness!


5. Improve Your Communication Skills

When walking the dog outside, if you meet someone who also walks the dog, he may stop to say hello to you and exchange some questions about the dog. If you are not a good speaker, you may have a dog and gradually improve your communication skills!


6. Make Your Body Better

When you have a dog, you have to walk your dog and exercise. After you have a dog, you will have more exercise than when you don’t have a dog. If you exercise more, you will become stronger. The body will naturally get better. When exercising with a dog, you can bring dog snacks such as sheep cheese, do some obedience training for the dog, and enhance the obedience of the dog.


7. More Sense of Responsibility

Keeping a dog is like raising a child. After raising him, you will actively learn how to take care of it. For example, what food to eat is more healthy for the dog. What will be good for the dog? Let you become more careful and more responsible!


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