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Bathing your pet regularly will help to remove dust, care for the hair, and keep their skin healthy. Here we share a small bathing tip.

Dangers of Not Drying After Bathing
Failure to drying your furry friend after bathing may cause skin problems such as eczema and dandruff. It is essential for pets to totally dry their hair.

Use A Good Towel
Firstly wipe the whole body with a pet-specific absorbent towel to absorb most of the moisture. We don't suggest to dry your pets with a hairdryer too long because this could take away the moisture of hair and skin. Then the pets will feel itchy and start to scratch.

Thus, a good pet towel is very important. We recommend this ultra-absorbent microfiber pet towel

The microfiber towel is made of cotton which is moisture-absorbent and soft. Comes with 3 different sizes, this towel has black and yellow colors on 2 sides. Also, you could choose from 3 sizes(small, medium, and large) for different dogs, such as pugs, bull terrier, or rottweiler.

Hair Dryer
After most of the moisture was taken away, we can use the hairdryer to finish bathing. Blowing and combing can be done at the same time. Your pets will become clean and cute!

It is not hard to bath our furry friends. Tender, patience, and love will help you and your pets have a happy and healthy life.

*please correct us if there's any mistake. petmallco always care about our pet family.

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