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1. Cats don't have clavicle, so they are soft and flexible enough to do some amazing things.


2. Cats blink slowly to indicate intimacy, while staring indicates locking and hostility, so don't look directly at their eyes when you get along with cats, it is better to blink slowly. Touching noses is a way to greet among cats.

3. Cats are pure carnivores. Their teeth are not suitable for chewing. They are only suitable for tearing, so cats are often seen eating cat food swallowing it directly without chewing.

4. The world's largest wild cat is the Amur tiger (also known as the Siberian tiger ).


5. The cat's eyes cannot focus close, so they can't actually see you clearly when you are close to them.

6. Compared to dogs, they are not so afraid of heat, because their ancestors lived in tropical regions (between 28-32 degrees Celsius).

7. Your cat probably loves to clean more than you because they spend 1/3 of their waking hours cleaning their hair.


8. The main function of cat beard is to measure whether it can pass through the cave in front of it.

9. Climbing is a cat's instinct, but it is difficult to get down after climbing up the tree. Because their claw structure determines that they can only climb down with the head up when they get down the tree, which is not a easy case for novice cats at first operation. This is why so many cats climb up high and get stuck on it.


10. Adult cats rarely meow. Meowing is mainly the way the kitten asks the mother cat. So when your adult cat is meowing at you, it means that in its heart you are an adult to rely on, and of course, it may also be "selling adorable for survival" in a practical sense.

11. People are allergic to cats, which means that they are allergic to cat dander and proteins in saliva, and not allergic to cat hair as most people think.

12. Unlike dogs, cats have no “human” or “cat” distinction, so sometimes they worry that you can’t feed yourself. This is why cats sometimes bring things like mice and bugs to their owners.


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