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1. Cats have 230 bones, 24 more than humans.

2. Cats are actually more sensitive to hearing than humans and dogs.

3. Cats have extremely sensitive nervous systems.

4. Cats have larger eyes than any mammal in terms of body size.


5. Cats' normal pulses are between about 110-170 beats per minute.

6. The cat's normal breathing is between 20-40 beats per minute.

7. The normal body temperature of a cat is about 39 ° c.

8. The cat's vertical jumping height can reach 5 times its own body height.


9. The cat's nose pattern is unique. No two cats have the same nose pattern.

10. Cats respond more to women than men because women's voices frequencies are more high than men'.


11. It has been scientifically proven that touching a cat often can lower human blood pressure.

12. The average life expectancy of cats is between 13 and 16 years.

13. One year of cat is equivalent to about 20 years of age of human. After that, every year a cat grows up is equivalent to 4 years of human. A 4 year old cat is equivalent to a 32 year old human.

14. The running speed of domestic cats is about 55-60 kilometers per hour.


15. The mammal that likes to sleep most is a cat. Most cats sleep about 16 hours a day.


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