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Dental care for your pet is a very important thing. A healthy oral cavity can help your pet grow up healthily. Do you know any necessary tools and techniques for dental care for dogs and cats?


Start with a pet dental exam

First of all, you need a veterinarian to help your pet to conduct a thorough oral examination and make recommendations for your pet's care. Many calculus will eventually need to be washed to clean it, so you need to let your veterinarian check your pet's tooth, then do a care plan.


Buy the right toothpaste

Pets cannot use human toothpaste, they all have their own toothpaste because human toothpaste needs to be washed out, unlike pet toothpaste, which can be swallowed. Start with a sample and slowly find a toothpaste that your pet does not reject.


Buy the right toothbrush or cleaning tool

You can buy a toothbrush for pets at a pet store. You should choose a soft-bristled toothbrush suitable for your pet's mouth, or you can consider cotton swabs, tissues, etc. If your pet cannot accept brushing, you can buy mouthwash for him.


Slowly get your pet to accept and get used to brushing their teeth

When starting a home dental care plan, the most important thing is not to hurt your pet's mouth while brushing. If you are unsure of your pet's response, take your time. Start with a small amount of toothpaste and let your pet sniff and taste it while praising and encouraging your pet. Brush gently and slowly from the gums down.


How often do you help to brush their teeth?

Just like humans, you can brush their teeth once a day, make it a good habit, and effectively care for its teeth.


Teeth grinding toy to help keep teeth clean

Molar snacks are not recommended here, because pets may have eaten snacks before grinding their teeth twice, so buying bite-resistant molar toys is a good choice.

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Grinding teeth is an important thing for pets from an early age, and dental care is also an important thing. Failure to take good care of teeth at an early age may result in dogs becoming susceptible to calculus in adulthood. Mild calculus can be cured by brushing, but severe calculus can only be cured by washing the teeth, and anesthesia must be undertaken while washing the teeth. It’s a risk, so take care of your mouth for your pet.

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