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Author: Amanda

really works

  • Review Add on: 23/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

Omg, they are so so cute, I love them! And really work! Look at my chairs!

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  • O1CN01bjKZp31U0tPEexjHX0-rate.jpg400x4001619165083.jpg

Author: Cecilia

  • Review Add on: 22/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (4)

This sticker is so cute and sweet, he always smiles at me, it makes me so happy.

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  • O1CN01Bo3GGB23tP4wCUxId0-rate.jpg400x4001619165414.jpg

Author: Elsa

  • Review Add on: 20/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

I bought style-c, the giraffe. Actually, I confused the product I really wanted, but the product I received, in the end, was really good. So, it's okay.

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  • O1CN0191MumQ2HjhK0wJ9x80-rate.jpg400x4001619164569.jpg
  • O1CN01GXYzqk2HjhK5ho1X40-rate.jpg400x4001619164576.jpg

Author: ohrabel

Good product soft

  • Review Add on: 17/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

The Mat is great my dogs are comfortable and soft like the smiling girl is hugging her.

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  • as11620369059sd4.jpg

Author: Estep

Dog dish to slow things down

  • Review Add on: 15/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

You can tell the helplessness of the dog from his face. But he seems to have become more proficient after using it for a few days, lol.

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  • as11620368690sd4.jpg
  • as11620368736sd4.jpg

Author: Josue

Nice Water Bowl

  • Review Add on: 13/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

This is so cute and perfect for small pets. my two cats love to drink out of it.

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  • as11620367396sd4.jpg

Author: Roy

Cute dolphins shoes, but really practical

  • Review Add on: 12/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

The shoes are good. It’s really cute, the shoes won’t fall off when using.
My dog doesn't feel uncomfortable wearing these rain boots.

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  • 111618215803.jpg
  • 121618215809.jpg
  • 131618215818.jpg

Author: Diana ZQ

Splendid! It's really Renaissance style.

  • Review Add on: 12/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

Splendid! Look at my Starry's portraits. Omg, it's really Renaissance style.

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  • 51618211702.jpg
  • 61618211708.jpg
  • 71618211716.jpg

Author: Nabi WD

Beautiful stone, I love this gift

  • Review Add on: 11/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

Amazing! So beautiful stone, I love my baby, so does this gift!

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  • sss1618210406.jpg
  • ss1618210414.jpg

Author: Eva D

Excellent Work

  • Review Add on: 09/04/2021
  • Average Rating: (5)

Omg, it's really excellent work! So so beautiful my baby's portrait. I love it so much.

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  • 11617951051.jpg
  • 21617951058.jpg
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