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The weather is getting hotter day by day. Many pet owners look at their cats and dogs in thick "fur winter clothes" and may have the idea to shave their fur.


In fact, this idea is not a problem from a human perspective, but it is a big problem when applied to cats and dogs. It can even be said to put the cart before the horse. Shaving pets does not help them effectively dissipate heat, and may harm them.


Whether it is summer or not, try not to shave thoroughly cats or dogs.


In our human way of thinking, we should wear more in winter to keep warm and wear less in summer to facilitate heat dissipation. So when we see cats and dogs in a "fur coat" all year round, we really feel hot for them, so many owners will choose to take their pets to shave in the summer, thinking that this will keep them cool One point, but this is really "blind worry", pets do not need to shave, and shaving will not help them cool down in the summer.


First of all, the reason why we humans wear relatively less in summer is that our skin is rich in sweat glands, which can take away heat by wicking sweat. However, the skin of cats and dogs is different from that of human beings. Except for the paw pads and tongue, they have very few sweat glands in other parts, and their skin basically cannot play the role of perspiration and cooling. So even if they shave their hairs and let their skins contact the air more directly, the heat dissipation effect is not enhanced much.


Secondly, the fur of cats and dogs is not the same as our clothes. In addition to thickening the fur to keep warm in winter, this layer of fur is what they rely on to protect themselves. If cats or dogs lack the protection of this fur, they will inevitably suffer some damage.

Therefore, shaving cats and dogs will not have obvious heat dissipation and cooling effects at all, but will bring some harm.


Let's take a look at the negative effects that may be caused by shaving pets.


What are the negative effects of shaving pets?


(1) Shaving will damage the fur

When shaving pets, many owners will choose to shave completely the pet's fur, which is the coolest, but in this case, the razor may damage the hair follicles. After the hair follicle is damaged, the hair of various textures and colors will grow out, and the hair quality becomes worse as it is shaved.


(2) Shaving will make pets lose their protective layer

The pet's fur not only has the function of insulating the airflow to keep warm but is also a buffer and protective layer between the pet and the external environment. Cats and dogs that have been shaved are very vulnerable to injury.


Such as:


Without the protection of their fur, the sun will directly shine on their skin, which may cause some skin burns, dermatitis, and other symptoms;


Without fur as a spacer, mosquitoes and parasites will directly touch the skins of cats and dogs, and can easily bite pets, causing them more damage;


Cats and dogs will scratch from time to time. This is not only because they are really itchy, but also because they are sending emotional and stable signals. But without the protection of fur, their claws will easily scratch their skin, leading to more troublesome follow-up problems.


(3) Shaving will damage the pets self-esteem

Although animals do not have as complicated psychological changes as humans, they also have their own primitive instincts and "aesthetics." In the animal world, generally, the thicker the fur and the stronger the body, the more popular and self-confident. If the owner suddenly shaves all the cat or dog's hair, their psychology will be greatly impacted. Some pets who are unable to adapt to changes may feel depressed, low self-esteem for a while because of being shaved, and may even experience abnormal behaviors due to depression.


(4) Shaving hair may "kill" the cats

The operation of shaving maybe just a few days depressed for dogs, but for some cats, it will cause great harm to them, because the cat's stress response is more serious.


The stress response refers to the instinct of cats when they are frightened or encountered danger. It will increase the secretion of Corticosteroids and adrenaline in a short period of time, making them more likely to survive in danger. However, this can also cause a sudden increase in blood sugar and blood pressure, shortness of breath, and abnormal heart rate, which may lead to cats fasting, hair loss, reduced immunity, obvious aggressiveness, thick blood, etc., and may even cause cats sudden death occurred.


Therefore, it is generally not recommended to shave thoroughly pets except for the cases where some fur must be removed due to skin diseases, surgery, etc. Shaving does not make the pets feel cooler in summer, but it will bring a lot of problems and troubles.

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