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Spring is here, and the weather is getting warmer gradually. The matter of bathing the dog is gradually arranged on the schedule. But not all dogs love bathing, so why do some dogs dislike, or even fear bathing?


1. Loss of "Protective Color"

The wolf’s nature does not allow them to be domesticated. The dog’s sense of smell is divided into two types, one is its own smell, and the other is collectively called peculiar smell. After taking a bath, the body odor basically fades, and the rest is the smell of shower gel. Therefore, the dog will be particularly resist bathing, and it will often appear that after the bath, the dog will go out and get dirty and come back.


2. Afraid of Hair Dryers

Most dogs are particularly resistant to noisy machines because of their sensitive hearing. For this, parents should try to comfort them and do desensitization training.


3. A Bath Initiated by a Stranger

If an unfamiliar groomer helps the dog to take a bath, the dog will be in an unfamiliar environment and will be highly nervous when facing strangers, so it is important to find a stable and reliable beauty salon.


4. There was a problem when taking a bath

For example water in the eyes, nose, and ears, the water temperature is too high, or the bathing steps are wrong. For these problems, pet owners should correctly understand the bathing steps and details to avoid them as much as possible.

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