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Dogs remember a person by smell. The owner touches various things every day, so he is always covered with strange smells. In order to remember the latest smell of the owner at any time, dogs will use the way of licking.

a dog is sniffing with nose  


If your dog licks your hands and feet, that represents a kind of love. Of course, if it's someone else's dog, it's also possible that the dog is expressing love to you. This proves that he likes you very much and wants to make friends with you. So you can play with the dog more.

a dog is licking a kid's hand 


Dogs and wolves have the same ancestor, and their cubs survive through food hunted by their parents. They will ask their parents for food by licking. So it can be regarded as a kind of coquetry. Because we always feed dogs with our hands. When the dogs lick your hand, they may also express that they are hungry.

a dog is playing with a man 


When a dog makes a mistake, it will lick its owner to please, which is also a kind of coquetry. Especially when the owner is angry at them, they will get down and lick their owner tentatively.

a dog is sitting on the ground with ears and head down


Licking can also be regarded as an act of respect. Dogs regard us as their own leaders, who they want to obey and follow, licking can express respect and obedience.

a dog is sitting on the grass with smiling face 

Other Situations

If none of the above is true, it may be the smell of food on your hands or body. After the dog smells it, he wants to taste these foods. LOL.

a dog is eating food from owner's hand 

In summary, dogs will lick you to show that they will not attack you, which is good behavior. If you meet a dog that shows you a good behavior, just play with them!

Does your dog like to lick you? Do you like being licked by dogs? Welcome to share with us.

a women with flower crown is kissing a golden retriever  

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