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Attention To Diet During Pregnancy

       During pregnancy, the breeding of mother dogs should be supplied with sufficient high-quality feed to enhance their physique, ensure the healthy development of the fetus, and prevent miscarriage.

       In the first month of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively small, so there is no need to prepare special feed for the mother dog, but you must pay attention to punctual feeding, not early or late. Under normal circumstances, the mother dog has a bad appetite in the early stages of pregnancy, and palatable food should be prepared.

       After one month, the fetus begins to develop rapidly, and the demand for various nutrients increases sharply. At this time, it should be fed three times a day. In addition to increasing the food supply, it is necessary to supplement the mother dog with protein-rich food. Such as meat, animal offal, eggs, milk, etc. Pay attention to calcium and vitamin supplementation to promote the development of fetal bones.


       After 50 days of pregnancy, when the fetus grows up and the mother dogs abdominal cavity is full, the amount of food consumed each time will be reduced, and it will be necessary to eat less and more meals.

        In order to prevent constipation, you can add an appropriate amount of vegetables for the mother dog. Do not feed moldy or spoiled feed, and other foods harmful to the mother dog, and fetus. Do not feed cold feed and water, so as not to stimulate the mother dogs gastrointestinal or cause miscarriage.


Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

  Dogs do not secrete HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) during pregnancy, so the test paper used to detect whether a person is pregnant cannot be used to check whether a female dog or a female cat is pregnant. To confirm whether a dog or cat is pregnant, you can go to the animal hospital for an ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.

   The signs of a mother dog's pregnancy appear about a week after mating. The pregnant dog's pussy will contract rapidly.

   Pregnancy reactions such as vomiting and loss of appetite may occur during three or four weeks of pregnancy. At 20 to 30 days of pregnancy, the mammary glands of pregnant dogs are prominent, the breasts are swollen, and the nipples are pink.

   In the fourth week after mating, touch the position of the mother dog's abdomen and uterus with your hands, and you can feel the embryos the size of eggs.

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