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Raising a dog is not just about giving it three meals a day, but like taking care of a child, accompany and educate it well. So if you want to feed the dog, please think twice. And if you have already decided, then these 10 mistakes, don't make them!


1. Buy dogs from informal channels

If you want to buy a dog, you must choose a formal channel. If possible, please adopt it instead of buying it!


2. Bathe the puppies immediately when you get home

When many people first picked up the puppy, they thought it was dirty and wanted to give it a bath.


However, the puppies' resistance is low and they need to be kept warm; they also need to adapt to the environment when they arrive at a new home. It is not suitable to bathe the puppies during this period.

You should wait for it to adapt and be 3-months old before bathing the puppies.


3. Go out before getting vaccinated completely

During the vaccination period, the dog is the most vulnerable stage. During this period, it is best not to go out to avoid getting sick.


4. Deworming dogs from time to time

Many people know to deworm their dogs, but they don't do it on time, but only once when they remember.


From the first deworming, the time of deworming should be recorded.

Generally speaking, dogs should be dewormed every three months in the body and once a month outside of the body (see the description of deworming drugs for details).


5. Feed raw water and milk to the dog

Many dogs suffer from lactose intolerance and tend to have diarrhea after drinking milk.


There are also a lot of bacteria in tap water, and it is easy to diarrhea if dogs drink it directly.


6. Feed human food to dogs

There are many types of human food that dogs cannot eat. Because people's food contains a variety of condiments. Even if it is the leftover bones we eat, especially the bones of poultry, do not feed them to the dog, because too small bones can easily scratch the dog's intestines.


Of course, choosing high-quality dog food for dogs is more effective than supplements and snacks.


7. Let puppies or short-legged dogs climb the stairs

Many people think that puppies have such short legs and look very cute when they are struggling to climb stairs, so they often let them climb the stairs by themselves.


But this can easily cause the dog to deform the hip joint and even suffer from spinal diseases.

8. Never clean food bowls for dogs

Every time the dog eats over the food in the bowl, many pet parents directly pour again dog food into it, and neglect to clean the food bowl.

If it is not cleaned for a long time, bacteria can easily breed in the dog's food bowl, especially the plastic kind.


9. Beating and scolding education to dogs

Many people's education for dogs is mainly about beating and scolding, and sometimes it will be counterproductive.

Educating dogs with rewards + guidance is far more effective than beating them.


10. Walk the dog without a leash

Walking the dog and leashing is not only responsible for others but also responsible for the dog. I hope everyone can raise dogs civilly and scientifically and truly enjoy the happy time that dogs bring us.

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