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Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. Rain also began to become commonplace.

The rainy weather will bring a bit of coolness to the hot summer days, but whenever the heavy rain comes, what we worry about most is how to walk the dog and the skin problems caused by wet and rainy, so we recommend several practical pet supplies for rainy days.


Dog Raincoat

The most direct way to walk a dog on a rainy day is to put a raincoat on the dog, however, the dogs have different shapes, so you must be careful when choosing a raincoat.

When choosing a pet raincoat, pay attention to whether the raincoat is actually provided with a waterproof cap, whether the belly is wrapped, and whether the dog can use the toilet normally after wearing it.

Recommended Product: Large Dog Raincoat Clear Poncho Rain Jacket          



Dog Waterproof Shoes

Of course, pet rain boots are also a good match for walking dogs on a rainy day. In this way, you can prevent your dog's limbs from getting wet or getting hurt by stepping on sharp stones on a rainy day.

When choosing pet rain boots, pay attention to the correct selection of waterproof shoes for rainy days, and pay attention to choosing the right size shoes

Recommended Product: Dog Rain Boots Dolphin Shape Waterproof Dog Boots          Recommended Product: Dog Rain Boots Rubber Waterproof Dog Boots Shoes



Super Absorbent Towel

Be sure to blow dry after getting home from the rain, or your pet will easily get a skin disease.

If it is a long-haired dog or a large dog, it may be difficult for the average family to handle, but some basic care needs to be done, such as first drying the floating water with an absorbent towel, and then simply drying it with a hairdryer.

But if you dont have a professional water blower, its difficult to completely dry your pets hair. You still need to take your dog to a pet shop for care as soon as possible.

Recommended Product: Super Absorbent Dog Towel                



Dog Toilet

If the dog just needs to go to the toilet and really don't want to get wet, there is another ultimate solution is to solve it at home.

Some small and medium-sized dogs can completely meet the needs of the dog toilet at home.

If the dog has never used a dog toilet, some instructions may be required. The use of induced urine pads or induced sprays is a feasible method.

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