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In the hot summer, most people can't suffer from the heat, so how do dogs with hair all over their bodies spend this long summer?

Dogs' summer care needs much attention.

In summer, the inner layer of the dog's warm fluff begins to fall off naturally, and the fluff is easy to knot. If you don't comb it for a long time, it will stick to the dog's skin like sheets, making it difficult for air to circulate and causing the skin temperature to rise. This creates a space for parasites and fungi to multiply.

Therefore, the best way is to comb it often and comb it thoroughly, from the root of the skin to the outside. After taking a bath, be sure to rinse it off, blow-dry, and comb through the hair, it will be very smooth and not scratched. If there are no knots, it is not easy to breed bacteria surely.

Preventive care: Drops of potion to prevent lice

If you need to take your pet out for activities, you can do a little bit of bug prevention work ahead of time. The specific method is to poke the neck hair in the middle of the pet's neck to expose the skin and drip the medicine on it. This is done because the dog will lick his own body frequently, and if the drops are on other parts of the body, the dog will lick the medicine, which may be poisonous to him. And the neck is where he is unable to lick.


More brushing, less bathing

When the weather is hot, we like to take a shower to remove the odor of sweat, so we think dogs need a bath too, as a result, there are many dog owners who bathe their dogs all day long.

In fact, this approach is not reasonable. Most dogs don't have sweat glands on their bodies, but on their tongues, so they don't sweat. Therefore, the only little oil on the body surface is very valuable. If you bathe dogs all day, these oils will be washed away, which is not conducive to the health of pets. Once there is less oil on the body, dogs will have a hard time resisting bacterial invasion.

Therefore, even in hot summer, it is not necessary to shower your pet frequently. It is okay to wash it once every 7 to 12 days. Remember to dry it after taking a bath


Strengthening care, brushing teeth, and washing the face is also necessary

It is necessary to brush your dog's teeth and wash his face.

Especially, wash your pet's ears and eyes carefully. When washing the ears, you can drop a few drops of special pet ear water at the base of the dog's ear, and gently rub it with your hands. Generally speaking, drop it once every two or three days. As for lop-eared dogs, you should increase the times of ear washings. Eyes are also cleaned with eye drops or distilled water.

Dogs with short noses and small-sized dogs generally do not like to brush their teeth, but the owner should help them pay attention to oral hygiene.

Hope all fur babies have a comfortable and cool summer. :)

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