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Dog insurance provides a safety net that helps to cover the costs of diagnostics, procedures, and medications to treat your dog’s eligible accidents and illnesses.

Why should I get dog insurance?

Because you love your dog, and don’t want to bankrupt yourself to keep them healthy! Vet bills and exam fees can creep up quickly after an illness or emergency. Having dog insurance lets you avoid tough financial decisions during moments of crisis.  

What is dog insurance?

Dog insurance is one way to refer to the pet health insurance policy for your canine companion. It can help you cover the costs of emergency care if your dog gets sick or has an accident, and you can get coverage for things you’re already paying for, like vaccinations and routine care. 

Caring for a dog is actually really expensive, especially if they’re suddenly diagnosed with an expensive condition. You could be facing endless exam fees, blood tests, x-rays, surgeries, and more, so a pet health insurance policy could be the difference between being able to afford saving your dog’s life or not.

How does dog health insurance work?

Different pet insurance companies will have different coverage options, so you’ll want to make sure you know exactly how your pet insurance policy works. In general, you’ll pay for your dog’s insurance plan in monthly installments, called your insurance premium.

A pet insurance plan usually comes with a series of waiting periods designed to protect policyholders from someone who buys a policy just to cover one procedure—and then drops out.These waiting periods automatically start counting down from the start date of your policy.

So choose the insurance package suitable for your dog according to your needs.

May all dogs grow up healthily.


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