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Smile Selfie Event

How about taking a smiling selfie with your furriends? We, Petmallco, are hosting a SMILE SELFIE event! 

We accept the selfie credit of the owner and their cats or dogs. The most popular one will get a $100 coupon. Come and join!


1-1st prize for 1 furry baby, with top 1 likes, and $100 coupon($50 unlimited + $30 over $79 + $20 over $59)

2-2nd prize for 1 furry baby, with top 2 likes, and $70 coupon($30 unlimited + $30 over $79 + $10 over $39)

3-3rd prize for 1 furry baby, with top 3 likes, and $50 coupon($20 unlimited + $20 over $59 + $10 over $39)

4-Cute Baby prizes for 15 furry babies, with top 4-18 likes, and $5 coupon(unlimited)

*only one coupon can be used per order, no time limit

*1 share=10 likes, invite your friends to help you!


1. Like our Facebook page 'Petmallco‘’.

2. Share our activity post on your timeline, set as "public".

3. Message us on the Facebook page with: A. a selfie of you and your pet; B. your name & your pet's name. Admin will reply after checking.

4. Every submit received will be posted on our page with a tag of your name & your pet's name. We encourage you to share the posts with friends and let them help you accumulate more likes.

5. Do Not cheat on likes and sharings, or you will be disqualified. Through this activity, we mainly want people to spare more time with their pets, come along with some good items we offered.


1. Submits will be accepted from 0 a.m. May.25th, 2020(US CDT) to 12 p.m. June.2nd, 2020(US CDT)

2. Like & share starts at 0 a.m. June.3rd, 2020(US CDT), ends at 12 p.m. June.6th, 2020(US CDT)

3. Winner announcement at 8 p.m. June.7th, 2020(US CDT)

Please contact us if you have any questions.