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Petmallco Pet Model Search Season 2 is over now, let's get to know the winner of this time.

They are a pair of sisters, very cute and fashionable.

Next, take a closer look at their growth story, told by their master.

"That is Shashi when she is 10months I think"


"And this is when I got her. She is 1year and 4months when I got her."


"This is a happy Shashi coz she already found a loving family."


"After a month when I got her. Her hair grew so fast and I find it so beautiful."


"This was the first time that Shashi went to the beach. And I think she really enjoys."


"She loves to wear her sunglasses."


"In addition, she also loves to wear her hat and her ribbon."


"She is now 2year old and she loves modeling and taking pictures of her."



That's the end of the story of Shashi by now. Then we look forward to Luna's story.


Kiss Shashi, mua~

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