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Kittens can make a large repertoire of different sounds, much broader than most other animals. Up to 100 types of vocalizations have been identified and each of them, emitted with a different tone and intensity, has a different meaning for cats.

Your kitty has a lot to tell you.



The Classic "meow"

Everybody knows "meow". The kitten's meow, generated in the larynx, is a cry for help. However, when he grows up, he will use it to convey a wide range of emotions, from friendship or fear to complain or anger. It can be a friendly greeting or an expression of fear, a mild complaint, or an energetic protest.

Not all kitties use the chattering sound, but if yours does, it may seem like it's actually talking to you. They often use it as a cordial greeting to their owner.



A Happy Kitten

Everyone knows that a kitten that purrs is a happy kitten. Young kittens (even newborns when nursing) purr to tell their mothers that they are comfortable. Kittens purr when they feel safe in the company of someone when they are in their familiar surroundings or if they are half asleep. It's a sound that expresses satisfaction and a clever kitty will use it to get much more. And you will be happy to give them everything!


New research suggests that cats are capable of self-soothing by purring and even using vibrations for wound healing.

How do they do that? That remains a mystery!



Always A Kitten

In the wild, cats almost completely stop using sounds to communicate when they become adults. In fact, they only do so when preparing to fight or to mate. Much of cat language seems to be reserved for us. It may seem surprising, but the reason is very simple. A kitten that lives with humans never really gets older because he remains in the mother-kitten relationship, for which he needs a special language.

Of course, in that relationship the "mother" is you.

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