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Although having a clear solitary nature at times, your cat also has a strong social instinct, using a wide variety of communication techniques with other cats and with you. 

An example is rubbing: like their feline cousins, little kittens leave their scent trail, in the form of a message, rubbing themselves in strategic places in the house or garden.

Just 4 great ideas for little cats

Socialization is a very important part of your cat's development and you can easily help him.

A friendly caress

Grooming and petting your cat is a good way to create bonds. In the wild, big cats groom each other to maintain a friendly relationship, so this is a natural way to bond with your cat.

A helping hand

Have you ever noticed that when you put your hand in front of your cat's head, he immediately rubbed against it? Cats love rubbing against solid surfaces, so this is a great way to bond with your cat, too.

Scratch and smell

Cats have pheromone glands in their paws, which is why your cat can sometimes scratch chairs or table legs. By doing this, they leave their scent to mark their territory. A good idea is to get a scratching post, which will help you exercise your muscles as well as have fun.

Wool never goes out of style

Cats love to touch soft tissues and surfaces, and some will quickly snuggle and rub when they find something soft, especially the wool items. In fact, massage is a natural behavior for cats to relax.

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