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The temperature is so high in summer, will the dog be afraid of the heat?

Dogs are relatively afraid of heat. Because dogs have fewer sweat glands, they mainly dissipate heat by breathing. Therefore, if the ambient temperature is too high, the dog will stick out its tongue and open its mouth to breathe.

Severe heat and direct sunlight may even cause dogs to suffer heatstroke. Increased body temperature can cause disseminated intravascular coagulation in dogs and even death.

Especially those dogs from the extremely cold regions, such as Huskies, Alaska, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Pug, French Bulldog, and so on.

When the weather is hot, you need to pay attention to these things when you walk the dog.

Test the Ground Temperature

When the weather is hot, put the back of your hand on the asphalt road for as little as 5 seconds.

If the temperature is so high that even you can't stand it, you should never take your dog out. The hot ground may burn the dog's paws!

Avoid of Over-exercising

Dogs should avoid a lot of exercises in summer, which will cause fatal damage to them.

In summer, proper low-intensity exercise helps keep your dog healthy. But excessive violent exercise may hurt them. Because the dog's heat dissipation basically depends on breathing, the heat dissipation is slow. Once vigorous exercise produces too much heat is very likely to cause dog heat stroke, and the mortality rate of dog heat stroke is extremely high.


Bring Enough Water When Walking

Dogs sticking out their tongues in the summer to dissipate heat will consume a lot of water, and water shortage is also dangerous for dogs. So please bring a bottle of water with you when you walk the dog. You can drink 200ml-300ml water for the dog every 20 minutes to half an hour.

But remember that you can only drink water to the dog in moderation after walking, not too much at once. Because whether it is a person or a dog, drinking plenty of water after exercise may cause water poisoning. If you are a little careless, drinking too much water may cause your dog to die.

If you are afraid that your dog will be too hot, you can put some water on the dog's body to cool it down.

Here we may recommend this Portable Dog Water Bottle. With a convenient strap and bowl, just enjoy summer walking with your dog.

Walk Dogs When It's Cool

Try to walk the dog when it is cooler in the morning or dusk.

But if you walk the dog at night, be sure to pay attention to the traffic. People have a poor view at night, and many dogs have the nature to chase moving things, so please walk the dog and fasten the leash. If you really want to let your dog play freely when there are few people at night, be sure to stay away from roads with many vehicles.

Then a USB Light Up Dog Collar can help to keep the dog in your sight when it's dark. Comes with adjustable length and 3 modes to change, light up dog collar can be a good partner to walk dogs at night.

Do you have any precautions for taking care of dogs in the summer? Welcome to share with us.

*please correct us if there's any mistake. we care about our pet family.

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