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It is said that dogs are the best little friends of children. They seem to be very patient with children, can play together, and even take care of the children.

Today I'm here to introduce you a family from Japan. The dog is not only a good friend of the owner but also a nanny with children. The family is happy and sweet.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, a young lady named Miyoshi Sane raised a little Teddy named Kokona.

Kokona is very clingy. When you go to bed at night, she must get into the quilt and sleep with the little sister, and also cover the quilt and pillow.

It is precisely because Kokona, the young lady luckily met her husband who also likes dogs. They have a love crystallization, and their daughter is called Yuu.

Kokona quickly entered her role, taking care of Yuu like a sister.

Kokona accompanies her sister to play with toys at home, go for a drive, teach her to swim, and grow up with her.

The hostess soon became pregnant with her second baby. After the birth of his younger brother Rintaro, the family of four was upgraded to a family of five.

This time Kokona and Yuu took care of his brother together, coaxed him to sleep, and played with him.

Now Kokona is almost ten years old, which is equivalent to an adult in her 50s. She will use her life to protect the sister and younger brother.

Isn't the Kokona family very warm and loving?


Dogs are domesticated from wolves, and wolves are very friendly to newborn wolf pups, because in their eyes, wolf pups represent the future of the wolf pack, and they are willing to take care of the wolf pups.

Dogs also inherit this characteristic of wolves. If they think they belong to this family, they will take great care of the newborns in this group.

Of course, when the pet parents teach their dogs to take care of their children, don’t forget to teach them how to get along with their dogs, such as telling them not to pull sensitive parts such as the dog’s tail. 

Children who grow up with dogs are really happy. 

Would you let your dog grow up with your child?

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