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For a lively dog ​​who likes to play intensely, it is inevitable to accidentally get injured. Let's learn how to treat dog wounds together.

After discovering that the dog is injured, let's take a look at its injury. If the wound is more severe and bleeding a lot, it is best to press the wound with a hemostatic bandage and then send it to a pet hospital for debridement and suture. If the wound is not severe and bleeding slowly, you can take the following measures to treat an open wound on a dog.

1. Clean and Disinfect Wounds

If the dog is injured and bleeding, we can first use medical cotton to stop the bleeding for about 5 minutes, and then put a cone on to keep dog from licking wound. After shaving the hair on the affected area, use hydrogen peroxide and normal saline to clean the wound. After drying, apply iodophor to help disinfect and prevent wound infection.

2. Bandaging and Isolation

After the wound is cleaned, apply the ointment for dog wounds, and use sterile gauze to bandage and isolate it. Dogs should not bathe during the healing period to avoid infection of the wound when it touches water. If you want to clean the fur, you can use some pet dry cleaning powder.

3. Observe the Wound and Supplement Nutrition

We need to pay attention to the recovery of the dog’s wound. If the wound is kept dry and sanitary without excess exudate, it means that the recovery is better. If there is pus, blood, and pus flowing out of the wound, it is best to take it to the hospital for examination and ask the doctor whether it needs an anti-inflammatory injection or other treatment. During the recovery period, you can properly supplement your dog with nutrition, feed some fresh and healthy food, or some nutritional cream. The nutrition of the dog is strengthened, and the wound can heal faster.

Minor injuries don't need to be too alarmed, we can trust the dog's self-healing ability. After all, their ancestors are wolves! However, we should never be negligent. Improper handling of minor injuries may also cause a series of bad consequences such as infection.

To take care of an injured dog, all we have to do is to observe and stay alert at all times. In this way, our fur baby can have a healthy and happy life.

Have you ever encountered a dog injury? Welcome to share with us.

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