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Recently, the weather has become hotter and hotter, and many pet owners have found that their dogs are drinking more and more water.

In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about dogs drinking water. Today we'll talk about it.

1. How much water does the dog need to drink a day?

In fact, how much water a dog needs to drink every day is calculated based on the dog's weight.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of water a puppies drink a day is calculated based on 150ml of water per kilogram; the amount of water that a grown-up dog needs per day are based on 100ml of water per kilogram of body weight.

For example, a 10kg adult dog needs about 1000ml of water every day.

Of course, this data is only a reference. There are many factors that affect the dog's daily water consumption: for example, the higher the temperature, the more water the dog needs to take in, and the dog with stones also needs to drink more water.

2. How to make dogs drink water scientifically?

Hot weather is more likely to breed bacteria. Pet owners should not only pay attention to the amount and time of water feeding but also pay attention to timely replacement to ensure that the water source is clean.

It is generally recommended that the owners feed the dog cold boiled or purified water, and it is not recommended to feed the dog with tap water for a long time. The tap water may contain parasites or bacteria, which may affect the dog's health.

Do not give your dog some human beverages. Tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, sugar-free beverages, etc. will harm your dog’s stomach and teeth, or even endanger life. For example, caffeine and xylitol commonly found in beverages are deadly poisons for dogs.

The pet owners must also let the dog develop the good habit of drinking only the water in the bowl, and put enough water bowls in the places where the dog often passes.

Keep in mind that drinking plenty of water is not the only criterion. It is necessary to hydrate the dog in moderation. Just supply enough water every day and let the dogs drink freely.

3. Consequences of lack of water for dogs

How to tell if the dog is short of water?

When lack of water, dogs will have symptoms such as mouth breathing, irritability, and loss of appetite. In a state of extreme water shortage, the dog’s oral mucosa will dry out, with thick saliva, sunken eye sockets, and look listless.

Long-term lack of water can cause dogs stones and urinary system diseases. If your dog has dry stools, thick and yellow urine, and increased eye feces, then you should pay attention to him.

4. Dogs who drink too much water will be "water poisoning"

If the intake of water greatly exceeds the required amount, or the dog drinks a lot of water after a lot of sweating, the water consumption will exceed the body's drainage capacity.

It will lead to water retention in the dog's body, loss of salt, resulting in a decrease in blood osmotic pressure and an increase in circulating blood volume, and some water will be absorbed by cells, causing cell edema.

When these problems exceed the scope of the body's self-regulation, it will lead to dog water intoxication, weakness of the limbs, slow or disappearance of knee tendon reflexes, and even convulsions and coma, general edema, and decreased urine output.

Once the dog has symptoms of water intoxication, the keepers must stop feeding immediately, and be sent to the hospital immediately if it is severe. Dogs with severe water poisoning can be fatal, so it should not be taken lightly.

Drinking water is very important to the dog's health, so pet keepers should pay more attention to it!

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