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It's natural that you won't notice anything different in your cat's behavior when he reaches seven years of age. After all, many cats live to be 13-17 years old. And your cat is sure to remain energetic, healthy, and as independent and curious as ever.


Although he may not appear to be getting old, your cat's nutritional needs begin to change from the age of seven. However, with proper nutrition, you can delay (or even prevent) some health problems that often appear as your cat ages, and continue to care for your cat as you always have.


It is important not to delay these changes. Modifying your cat's diet appropriately allows him to extend his life expectancy for many more years. Do not see your cat as an old man: consider this stage as the best of his life.


Common health problems in elderly cats

Heart problems

Reduced kidney function

Poor vision

Difficulty maintaining healthy skin and hair

Provide the right diet for cats at every stage


By feeding your cat the correct diet for her age, you are increasing his chance of enjoying this phase of his life.


Feeding with different diets


Another way to keep your cat healthy as he ages is by giving him the right mix of wet and dry food. Although many dry foods are nutritionally complete, remember that your cat is a natural predator: in the wild, cats hunt for food. Therefore, it is essential to include the succulent flavor of meat in your diet.


In addition to offering the flavors and textures that your cat loves, wet food is also an excellent source of hydration, especially important for senior cats. Wet food helps keep your kidneys healthy, but also helps keep your cat in line.

It's recommended a varied diet for your senior cat, consisting of 15 g of dry food for every 100 g of wet food.

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