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Spring is in the air, and so are these common springtime illnesses, please take care of your pets this time.

1. Cough

There are two types of coughs. One is because the cold air irritates the nasal mucosa, causing the animal to cough. This cough is not viral but caused by dry air. Generally, you can put a humidifier at home to keep the moisture in the air. Or use some Amoxicillin or Isatis root. The other is infectious rhinotracheitis, also called Kennel Cough. This type of cough is often accompanied by a runny nose and requires treatment at the animal hospital. If the animal only coughs at night, it may be caused by the large temperature change at night, so just keep warm at night.


2. Vomiting

If it is cat vomiting, it may be feline distemper or vomiting hair; if it is dog vomiting, it may be caused by parvovirus or eating too much.

If it is vomiting hair, just give the animal some vomiting cream, but if it is suspected to be caused by feline distemper or parvovirus, then go to the pet hospital for treatment in time.


3. Diarrhea

Dogs are prone to diarrhea. There are usually several situations:

(1) Overfeeding will result in undigested food in animal feces. Feed less food and drink more water. If the effect is not good, try vitamin B, one tablet for dogs, and half a tablet for cats.  

(2) Acute enteritis, animal feces are generally black or dark green. You can feed them some penicillin and vitamin B complex.  

(3) Infectious diseases, if it is a cat or dog that has not been vaccinated, you must go to the hospital to test the stool before prescribing the right medicine.

(4) Caused by parasites, if the stools appear sometimes dry and thin, it is time to deworm them.


4. Too much discharge in the eyes

First of all, you can check whether there is hair stuck in the pet's eyes, causing eye irritation. If there is a small hole in the eye, it may be caught by another animal, or something stabbed it. You should go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Of course, sometimes suffering from excessive internal heat can cause pets to have more eye discharges.


Spring is often the season for pets to get sick frequently.

Please pay attention to your pets and hope they are healthy.


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