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For dogs, autumn means a time to change their hair, so dog owners should pay attention to the care of their dogs hair, and dont take it lightly. Know the correct grooming and reasonable nutrition. It will greatly help hair growth and physical health at any time.

Let's learn more about dog hair care in autumn!



1. Autumn and winter: the golden age of hair growth


When the yellow leaves fall, what many pet owners worry most is that their dogs will be as bare and mottled as the trunk after the leaves fall.

In a blink of an eye, the weather has turned cooler and it has begun to enter autumn. In this season, the weather is cool and dry, human hair is dry and damaged, and many dogs are also ushered in the molting season. It's a golden season. If there is reasonable care and care, their hair will surely bring unexpected surprises.


There are many factors that affect the length and quantity of the dog's hair. Some factors are congenital and can hardly be changed. However, there are many factors that can be artificially controlled by us during the process of raising.




2. Factors that cannot be changed: season + climate


The origins of most long-haired dogs are distributed in the Frigid zone and temperate zone with relatively cold climates. The biggest climatic feature of these areas is the relatively low temperature in winter. In order to protect themselves, dogs will grow long hairs to adapt to the climate. The winter is relatively cold and dry, which just mimics the climatic characteristics of many long-haired dogsorigins.

Therefore, every autumn, the dogs menstrual cycle will be adjusted to a reasonable state, which naturally stimulates the growth of long-haired dogs. At this time, many dogs kept indoors do not change significantly due to exposure to the weather, so the growth of indoor dogs is worse than that of dogs living outdoors.




3. Factors that can be changed: nutrition + beauty


Correct grooming and reasonable nutrition will be of great help to hair growth and health at any time. Dog hair is a kind of horny, soft, and elastic filamentous substance, and the ingredients of the hair contain More protein, and when the dog's body lacks nutrients such as protein and fatty acids, the hair will grow slowly, lose its luster, easily fall off and break.

Therefore, proper nutrition for dogs can not only promote hair growth but also help maintain healthy skin. The basic function of many pet grooming products is to supplement the insufficient intake of various nutrients in the dog's food to maintain their health and promote the growth of their hair.


Dog parents must choose appropriate bath products according to their dog's breed (curly, straight), hair texture (dry hair, depilation, malnutrition), and hair length (long hair, short hair). The main factors for dog hair health are pH, protein, and moisture, and protein is the main product of hair. Appropriate bathing and hairdressing products can stimulate hair growth well.

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