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Have you guys observed the sleeping posture of your dogs? Well, my own dog always sleeping around me.


As we all know, dogs love sleeping so much, a newborn puppy needs 22 hours to sleep a day.

However, an adult dog needs 15 hours of sleeping time a day that he can recover the energy.

Each dog has its favorite sleeping position, such as sleeping next to the owner, under the table, under the bed, on the sofa, in its own beds, on clothes with the smell of the owner...

When dogs sleeping in their favorite positions, they relax, so the postures change singularly.

In fact, different postures mean different.



Sleeping on Their Stomach

Sleeping on their stomach is a "highly active" sleeping position that allows the dog to jump up immediately when it needs to get up.

This is usually a choice for Temporary rest, basically dogs do not relax at all, at this time their muscles are in a tight state.

If dogs always sleeping on their stomach, it means that they may be alert to the surroundings.

Well, it may be just the simple excuse that the dog wants to play, even if he is asleep, he is always ready to rush out to play.



Sleeping in the Fetal Position

This position should be the most common position in dogs.

In this way, the dog's body temperature is not easy to lose, and it can protect its limbs, face, throat, and vital organs.

However, this sleeping posture also means the dogs do not feel safe.



Sleeping on Side

Many dogs prefer to sleep on the side, which is a position that can be fully rested. In this way, they are very satisfied with the surroundings and feel that they are staying in a safe space.

It also suggests that the dogs are very trusted in their owners and love to stay with them.



Sleeping on Back

The dog's belly is a relatively fragile place. A very vigilant dog will not expose his belly, let alone sleep lying flat.

A dog that likes to lie down and sleeps next to the owner shows that it trusts the owner very much.

The dog is willing to show you his most vulnerable place unsuspectingly, which also shows that he loves you very much.



Strange Sleeping Postures



Does he really sleep comfortably?

A dog doing yoga?! Lol

Actually the more free sleeping posture, the more relaxed the dog itself.

By the way, what posture does your dog like to sleep in? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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