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Water is the source of life. A person can live without food for 7 days, but cannot without water for 3 days. The importance is the same to the dogs.

However, this does not mean that the more water your dog drinks, the better your dog's health.

Not all water can be offered to dogs.


First, we need to fix out how much water should dogs drink a day?

Water is an essential part that consists of a dogs nutrition map. A dog gets a risk of life once it absents a 20% of water. Generally, adult dogs need 100 ml per kilogram of weight per day and puppies need 150 ml per kilogram of weight per day.

In summer, pet owners should increase the amount of water they drink to keep their dogs from dehydration.

Taboos about Dogs Drinking Water


Not Changing the Drinking Water in Time

Now many dog owners will buy a water feeder, fill the feeder and not change the water until the dog drinks it up.

Actually, it is wrong. Because water put in the air for too long will generate bacteria and micro creatures, especially in summer, it will do much harm to dogs.



Water too cold or too hot

First, hot water hurts people so do the dogs. When water is too cold easily hurt the dog’s stomach and is likely to get diarrhea and vomit. It’s better to offer dogs room temperature drinking water.

What's more, if your dog gets uncomfortable in the stomach, feed it some Probiotics. This will increase resistance.



Feed Pure Water

Some dog owners consider that pure water is better than tap water or mineral water, it’s incorrect because pure water filtered many necessary elements that contribute to a dog’s body.


Drink Water Immediately after Sports

It’s not advisable to drink water immediately after doing sports for humans and dogs. Because drinking a lot of water immediately after strenuous exercise will increase the excretion of sweat, cause more salt loss, and increase the amount of blood circulation, thereby increasing the burden on the heart.




If the dog doesn’t like drinking water, the pet owner can add water to the dog food. Due to most dogs shedding frequently, it’s important to select a natural dog food that is low-salt and includes deep-sea fish oil. So that can be less shed and makes hair shiny. Feed vegetables and fruit sometimes to balanced nutrition.

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