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Spring is often the time when pets are frequently sick, and it is also a time for pet owners to take much care of their pets. When facing the spring conditions of pets, pet owners should pay attention to the way of transmission.

1. Air Infection 

In spring, the wind is relatively strong, and pet feces will become drier after a winter of weathering, and infectious bacteria, parasites, and parvoviruses are still infectious within one year. The wind will blow the animal's feces far, and expand the scope of the animal's infection.


2. Direct Contact Infection  

In spring, respiratory diseases are the main disease, which is mainly transmitted through contact between animals, especially puppies. They will lick each other's bodies. This is the most direct way of transmission.


3. Indirect Contact Infection  

Direct contact between animals is ruled out. Some animal diseases are spread by humans. For example, some people touch the dog of Mr.A and then the dog of Mr.B, and finally touch their own dog, especially the children, without paying attention to hygiene and hand hygiene. This way has become the most direct way of infection.


In short, please pay more attention to your pets, we hope they grow up healthily.

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