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The weather is getting colder, and all the pet keepers have done a good job of keeping warm for their pets. However, if you don't pay attention to some misunderstandings about keeping warm, your kindness may harm your fur babies.


Misunderstanding 1: Excessive Use of Electric Heaters

In the cold winter, not only people like to sit by electric heaters, but also small animals. The warm temperature often makes them forget the danger.

Some owners will prepare electric blankets and warm stickers for their pets. In fact, these are unnecessary. Excessive heat preservation will not only interfere with the pet's ability to resist the cold but also increase a series of dangers such as electric shock and incorrect eating.

Countermeasures: Switch to cotton bed pads and raise the pads, avoid the pet's body direct contact with the cold floor, keep away from the vents, and place the bed pads in a relatively warm and quiet place.

Misunderstanding 2: Create a Winter "Fashion Show" for Pets

In winter, many pet keepers like to buy all kinds of clothes for their pets, and put on layers of clothes, thinking that this can help them resist the cold.

Although pets look cute in clothes, this approach is not scientific and not all dogs are suitable for wearing clothes.

For example, dogs such as Huskies and Samoyed that originally lived in cold areas have thick fur. The cold temperature makes them feel more comfortable.

While smaller dogs with shorter hair tend to have lower subcutaneous fat content. At this time, they need clothes to help them resist the cold.

Countermeasures: According to the pet's habits, add clothes appropriately, wear clothes when going out, and take them off at home to avoid clothes pressing on the coat for a long time.


Misunderstanding 3: Be afraid of Pets Catching a Cold, Reduce Going out

Some pet keepers believe that when it is cold outside, pets are likely to catch a cold outside, thereby it's better to reduce the time to go out. In fact, going out properly can not only improve pets' resistance and make pets better adapt to changes in temperature but also release their playful nature.

Countermeasures: Going out when the temperature is right and keep warm, avoid staying outdoors for too long and excessively strenuous exercise.

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