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Congratulation! @Luna Shashi for becoming the No.1 with the highest score of 210 likes. She'll receive a $200 bonus and 5 Hot Sale Pet Supplies ( bath brush*1, dog puzzle feeder*1, cartoon grooming glove*1, indestructible dog ball*1, custom tote bag*1)

Thank you very much to all the fur babies who participated in this event!

The final number of "likes"(ig+fb):

Jaxon - 10

Nacho - 9

Duke - 8

Cooper -3

Daisy - 35

Lunaa and Shashi - 210

Christmas baby - 8

2 adopted pups - 3

Daao - 5

Roy - 7

Thank you all for participating in the 2021 Pet Model Search Season 2!!!

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