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2021 Pet Model Search is underway. Thank you all for participating in our event.

The following are the photos and information of each participant now;

Welcome everyone to vote for your favorite baby and let them become our summer ambassadors.

The winners will have rich gifts and cash rewards(vote link).

"This is Daisy, she is the best dog ever. She's saved me more times than you can count. I adopted her when she was 6 months old. On August 1st, 2013 She's been by my side ever since. We take care of each other. She's a Beagle Red Heeler. She gets walks every day and we wrestle each other. She loves cuddling and she's super soft, she's very vocal. Loves to be talkitive. She doesn't mind baths as long as I don't get her face wet. She's the greatest. She has nicknames like Honey girl, Love bug, Princess or sassy. She likes to talk back. She has gorgeous big brown eyes."

"Darla, the sweet bulldog"

"We are beginners, but we hope that we will become very promising bloggers. Sincerely, Kosta Brava, the Cat & My Man Alex''

"Jackson, English Bulldog 2 years old."

"Lestat, 6 years old, blue merle pomeranian. Love's life an all-around happy boy."

"Douglas, the Boxer."

Jaxon says I am a handsome 3-year-old Border Collie, who is 65 pounds of fluff and love. "He loves running, squeaky toys, Fetch, and playing with other dogs and people."



"Stella, the lab mix always with a smile on her face."

"Seven, 2 years old, the orange cat."

"Lily is a sweet girl, she accompanies me always, we're family."

Meme, she's 3-months-old, just like a cream cake. So soft and adorable."

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2021 Pet Model Winner Announcement
2021 Pet Model Winner Announcement...
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