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Thank you all for participating in the 2021 Pet Model Search

Congratulations to @Roxanne Wolf for becoming the No.1 with the highest score of 36 likes. She will receive our 3 exclusive customized gifts (custom tee*1, customized socks*1, customized bath towel*1, and coupons worth $50.) However, no one meets the minimum 100 "likes" entry requirements, so this bonus will be accumulated in our second game.

We thank everyone for your attention and passion in this event. All efforts are rewarding, and we prepare a surprise gift for all participants.

The final number of "likes"(ig+fb):

Jennifer Gott-9

Danielle Timson-7

Roxanne Wolf-36

Teri Volpone McKay-7

Emk Bit-6

Medlody Payton-Finch -10


Louie Brown-6

Anna Cristan-6

Lex Koney -6




We congratulate all friends who actively participated in this activity!

No.1  Roxanne Wolf-36, customized tee*1, customized socks*1, customized bath towel*1, coupon code -$20*1, coupon code -$10* 2, coupon code -$5* 2

No.2  Alexanderkot906-15, coupon code -$20

No.3  Medlody Payton-Finch -10, coupon code -$15

No.4-No.10    coupon code -$10

No.11-No.13    coupon code -$5

The second Pet Model Search is in preparation, if you are interested, please follow our page and contact us.

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